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Design Thinking for Community Mobilizers

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Building Bridges to Mozilla with Design Thinking!

This module will teach the basics of Design Thinking, while helping participants prototype ways they can connect with kindred spirits in their community to mobilize and magnify their work.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the benefits of design thinking.
  • Identify a problem to solve and empathize with your audience.
  • Create a prototype that builds bridges to Mozilla for your audience.
  • Understand ‘bias towards action’, experimenting, testing and sharing.


  • Print Design Thinking Worksheet . It’s available in a few languages.
  • Bring colorful markers or crayons so when people engage in solutions they feel they are in a creative environment.
  • Bring sticky notes, should you not have access to a large writing space, but usually these are good to have.
  • Whiteboard or Flip-Chart to record notes and group observations.

Facilitator Pre-Work


Using the problem statement “Building Bridges to Mozilla” run this Design Thinking Workshop.